LED Lighting

When is LED the right solution ? 
Riegens’ general “attitude” to LED is that we will only work with LED as a lighting solution if it meets our criteria for good lighting:

We create eco-friendly and innovative lighting products and solutions that are characterised by their quality of design and functionality (mechanical, electrical and optical performance).

We always recommend the best available technology to our customers according to their demands, wishes, benefit and investment.  



What is important for good LED lighting ?
LED lighting is not just a question of the LED light sources. A lot of other factors have to be considered:

  • Optimal thermal conditions are essential to achieve long life and utilise LED light sources as efficiently as possible 
  • LED light source and driver have to match in order to obtain the highest light output 
  • Colour rendering has to be a least Ra>80 to obtain the best reproduction of natural light 
  • The degree of colour variance (MacAdam’s factor) between each LED has to be as low as possible (<3 SDCM) for the most uniform colour experience 
  • A high lm/W gives a more energy efficient lighting solution and is a better efficiency indicator than light output ratio (LOR) 
  • The optical solution must be adapted to the LED light source for the highest possible efficiency and glare control




Reliable Planning with LED Lighting
Terminology, Definitions and Measurement Methods:
Bases for Comparison 


Riegens can handle this ! 
Benefits of LED lighting
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Long life: up to 50.000 hours or more.
  • Direct light distribution.
  • Instant start with full power.
  • Operational at low temperatures.
  • No IR or UV radiation.
  • Resistant to vibration and impact.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Contains no mercury.
  • Creates light directly in different colours.
  • Can be efficiently dimmed or dynamically controlled.